International & Domestic Airfreight

Colt International offers excellent service to each customer in providing both worldwide and domestic equine transportation not only by air, but also by ground.

Grooms to supervise handling, feeding and specialized individual needs are provided and mandatory on each flight. Number of grooms used depends on amount of horses in each shipment. We can also arrange for your personal groom to fly with your horse/s. Background screening and pre-requisites may be required depending on airline.

We are pleased to offer several different ground transportation companies, properly equipped and experienced to make local and cross country vanning moves. Vet clinics are on site at several of their layover facilities.


We work hard to make certain there is space for all our customers demand.

For exports Colt International, Inc. uses a USDA approved facility near airport that provides outstanding service and care for each animal.

Some services available at facility per client’s instruction include:

  • Special diets
  • Regular walks
  • Veterinary services “ on call”
  • Photos on arrival to farm and before departure
  • Farrier “on call” for any horseshoe issues


Coverage is often recommended and provided while the horse is en route. We are happy to refer clients to full-service insurance agencies with specialization on the insurance needs of the horse industry, who will work with you to modify your insurance to your individual requirements for the best and most cost-effective insurance.


In every shipment where horses are traveling to compete, making sure equipment gets to its destination is just as important to us. Colt International, Inc. takes care of every aspect of your horse’s shipment.